Health and Safety

We have invested heavily in a programme to develop a team of experts in the areas of safety, compliance, environmental management, biodiversity and conservation. This team understand the business through roles in management and support functions, are fluent with the green space industry and the expectations of our clients through first-hand experience, whilst holding degree level and above qualifications in specialist areas with the appropriate professional memberships. This resource is available for use at any of our depots, and is accessible to our clients.

Our in-house compliance team manages systems certified against the internationally-recognised ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety) and ISO 50001 (energy saving) standards. Our systems are bespoke to both the industry and to our clients. Having two occupational safety professionals within our organisation ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of health, safety and welfare support. Our environmental specialist ensures a holistic view of occupational and environmental safety is considered. The compliance team have secured the RoSPA Gold Award for Occupational Safety in every year from 2015 to date, confirming that our safety systems are among the best in the industry.

Compliance Initiatives


Health and Safety Campaigns

Professional Service Partners

Continental Landscapes has a long history of developing performance initiatives in partnership with their clients to ensure that services are constantly reviewed and improvement measures put in place. Our local and national management teams have a number of critical skills that drive this improvement, from transport management, development and implementation of bespoke ICT solutions, occupational safety and environmental management. These skills are tied together with our management systems, based around the ISO principles of continuous improvement, using a plan – do – check – act cycle to look for ways of improving performance and systems on an on-going basis.

Our bespoke safety systems are customised to the requirements of each client, and by having dedicated, qualified safety professionals directly employed, we have the flexibility to dedicate time and resources as required, at any time, and these professionals advise and champion a positive safety culture based on continual improvement. Our safety systems are independently verified as meeting international standards, providing confidence that we meet legislative and best practice requirements.

We retain the services of key organisations who add value to the services we deliver, and ensure that legal compliance is fully managed and maintained, for us and our clients.

WorkNest provide up to date legislative and best practice advice to our internal HR and Health & Safety teams. Working with such an organisation that specialise in these areas significantly reduces the risk to which we and our clients are exposed. WorkNest is one of the leading providers of HR and Health & Safety advice in the UK with a client list containing some of the largest companies in the UK. They provide training sessions for key HR issues including managing sickness, misconduct management, employment law and equality & diversity.

Woodfines solicitors have been working with us for the last 6 years. They provide us with legal services from specialist practitioners ensuring that we get the best and relevant advice from experts in their field. Professional legal advice reduces the risk of business protecting both us and our clients.

We engage with the legal compliance service LUS, which provides continuous support to ensure we are fully appraised of any upcoming changes in legislation, and the ramifications of those changes. This system allows us to maintain full compliance, and provide advice to our clients to ensure that they can do the same.