Street Cleansing

One thing that detracts from a quality built environment is the evidence of litter and detritus. We know that clean streets can lift not only the appearance of an area, but foster increased community spirit through providing a clean, safe environment that people can be proud of, and subconsciously promote increased social responsibility through the use of litter receptacles, as people are less likely to drop litter on a clean street.

Our operations are highly visible and we regard our street cleansing staff as ambassadors for the areas they work in, providing a public service that is competent, caring and responsive.

Our focused approach using skilled, motivated operatives who care about the neighbourhoods they work in, delivers excellent proactive services that are unrivalled in the consistent quality standards achieved.

We are proud to work for high profile local authorities, delivering street cleansing services that contribute to cleaner, greener and safer environments for residents, visitors and businesses. Our clients include:

London Borough of Wandsworth
Bracknell Forest Council
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

All have diverse environments with different demands, requiring flexible working arrangements and a range of methodologies to achieve the required standards of cleanliness.

Delivering Excellent Street Cleansing Services 

In addition to keeping the streets free from litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, weeds and incidental spills on a daily basis, we provide effective clean-up both before and after special events, including:

The Olympic Cycling Race
International Rugby at Twickenham, including the World Cup
The Varsity Boat Race

Each of our current contracts has its own bespoke services developed to suit the neighbourhoods, inner city commercial centres, residential areas, townships, parks and rural communities in which we work.

V65E Electric Gully Wagon in Richmond