Water Management

We are working with many councils to conserve water in the landscape. As an ISO 14001-certified contractor, we support our clients’ efforts to minimise the use of drinkable water for processes which do not require the quality of the water for human consumption.

Working with the City of Westminster Council we have designed the seasonal bedding around plants that are not heavily dependent on irrigation and once established can go for long periods without water. We are also assisting Westminster in moving to sustainable bedding schemes, herbaceous plants and perennial plants suited to the site.

Where watering does take place, it is primarily for the seasonal bedding and newly planted shrubs. Use of leaky hoses eliminates loss of water from evaporation and applies the water to the areas where it’s needed most. We also have three 1000-litre rainwater tanks to harvest rain from our buildings’ roofs, which then supply the water for bedding plants when they arrive and before planting out.

Two of the parks, Rembrant and Violet Hill Gardens, both with public conveniences, have a system that saves rain water harvested from the roof, in stored underground water tanks which is pumped on demand to flush the toilets and urinals. The rainwater tank at Rembrandt Gardens has been hidden behind a series of raised beds.