Energy and Carbon Management

Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through the continuous improvement programmes we have in place to monitor and reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions. We have developed a corporate strategy to focus on those activities which we undertake that have the biggest environmental impacts through energy usage.

We are certified against ISO 50001. Our depots operate against a series of specific targets to ensure that they are fully compliant with the certification as well as striving for continuous improvement through efficiency and resource savings. This programme of continuous improvement has enabled us to affect employee behaviour and culture, empowering our staff to be more self-aware and take responsibility for any actions which have an environmental impact.

A number of initiatives which we have introduced to reduce our energy consumption include:

Review work routes to optimise movements for each contract, thereby maximising efficiency
A machinery replacement programme which replaces existing machinery with newer, more efficient models, which significantly reduce emissions, dust and noise
Increasing the number of toolbox talk hours of training, enhancing awareness of staff with regard to route savings, environmental/energy targets and driving standards
A vehicle purchasing programme to replace all of our commercial fleet with either ECOnetic or stop/start engine vehicle technology
Taking part in the Anti-Idling Campaign, to train people to avoid idling to both reduce air pollution and fuel costs
Introducing cutting-edge lighting and sensor systems at our Head Office to reduce electricity consumption
Significantly changing the way meetings are held, by making extensive use of Skype and other online conferencing software to reduce journeys by managers and co-ordinators, reducing emissions and saving fuel
Promotion of an employee car sharing scheme to be used where practicable

In addition to these achievements we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce or mitigate our carbon footprint. Such initiatives include:

Seeking to secure 100% of electric energy from green renewable sources. This is being developed in partnership with Kinetic Energy.

Annually calculating our carbon footprint and in order to neutralise it. We plant a proportionate number of tree whips across UK year after year to offset our carbon footprint

The implementation of effective and sustainable energy and carbon management strategy plans has enabled Continental Landscapes to achieve commercial and environmental savings throughout the organisation. Maintaining a minimal environmental impact through the work we undertake is one of the paramount core beliefs of our company.