Waste Management

We understand that good waste management is intrinsically connected to good business management and sound environmental practice. Nationally we recycle 100% of our green waste, mainly through composting, and we aim to maximise recycling of any other waste stream generated.

Waste management processes and controls are an intrinsic part of our standard operating procedures, and their implementation benefits the local environment by reducing CO2 emissions and providing a cost effective service.

We have and environmental management system certificated against the ISO 14001 standard, and operate in accordance with ISO 50001 standard for energy saving. In line with these certification processes we are always looking to identify and control our environmental impact which is caused by the carrying out of contractual maintenance activities, which includes the handling and appropriate disposal of waste. Our systems are externally audited and verified, and based on continuous improvement.

We fully understand our duty of care regarding waste management, and ensure that we apply the waste hierarchy to every process that we undertake. As shown in the chart (left) we apply the waste hierarchy by looking at avoiding producing the waste altogether. If this is unachievable, the next stage is considered. The process continues until an appropriate method of control is found, with disposal to landfill being the very last option.