Arboricultural Services

The care of trees forms an integral part of the management work we undertake for our clients and is essential to ensure the health of the existing trees as well as providing a safe environment for the facility users. Continental Landscapes provide the complete range of tree management and maintenance services throughout the UK using experienced staff supplied with the latest equipment.

Apart from routine tree surgery and maintenance we also undertake tree inspections and detailed tree surveys supported by management plans for the future maintenance of the tree stock. We utilise Picus Tomography equipment to provide non-invasive analysis of trees, detecting decay which may otherwise be missed, and use a number of computer software systems such as Ezytreev, ESRI ArcGIS and our in-house Oracle based management system to record detailed tree surveys. This enables us to produce comprehensive reports and ensure the correct maintenance of our client’s tree stock.

In addition to the management of the existing tree stock we Continental Landscapes also design replacement planting plans for our clients and have experienced staff who undertake the planting of new and replacement trees to ensure the continuity of the local environment for future generations. We design and implement suitable schemes or provide advice to our clients to meet budgetary constraints and the requirements of their customers.

The delivery of these specialist services require teams of professional staff trained to the highest level equipped with modern access machinery and equipment. All the staff we employ on tree surgery work hold the relevant NPTC certificates, ensuring they are competent and able to provide the full spectrum of work encountered. We support this with regular refresher training and employ arboricultural apprentices to ensure the continuity of professional staff within the industry.

Key elements of the service

The range of services we provide includes:

 Crown lifting/crown thinning/dead wooding
 Crown reduction/re-shaping/pollarding
Stump grinding
 Bracing/stability testing
Pest and disease control
Diagnosis and treatment of tree problems
Detailed tree inspections and surveys
Compressed air/nutrient injection
Tree planting
Commercial forestry work
24-hour emergency callout service