We have been working in close partnership with Magenta Living in the delivery of their grounds maintenance services since 2014. We are a customer focused organisation committed to improving services provided to the residents of Magenta Living.

Our Wirral operation for Magenta Living is divided into four areas - north, south, west and central - for general grass cutting and shrub bed maintenance (in Winter). We work on a ten working day cycle, which means that during the cutting season each area of grass will be cut every two weeks.

More detailed information regarding any of the areas named below can be obtained by clicking on the relevant link.

We provide our services on Magenta Living land only and do not maintain highways, parks or leisure land, this allows us to focus and deliver a service bespoke to the needs of Magenta Living residents.

Our range of work is diverse and we carry out a variety of tasks in the area including:

Grass cutting

Shrub bed maintenance

Herbicide weed control