The grand opening of the latest Bug Hotel in Mayfair took place in Berkeley Square Gardens on the 22nd June 2022.

The Bug Hotel was built by students from Westminster College, Maida Vale, with the support of teachers Andy & Sharon, and Steve Mills from Continental Landscapes who set-up the project on behalf of Westminster Parks Service.

The Bug Hotel replicates the fa├žade of 17 Bruton Street, where Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926.

As part of the project the students learnt about the life cycle of insects and their nesting habits. They designed and painted insects on wooden plaques which are attached to the sides of the bug hotel.

Bug Hotels offer a sanctuary to beneficial insects, especially pollinators, bug hotels are considered to be the urban solution to declining population of beneficial insects. Insects provide many benefits to the ecosystem through pollination, nutrient cycle, and also as a food source for birds.